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Why To Choose Modular Phone Booths

Why To Choose Modular Phone Booths


Modular Phone Booths: Why They Are A Smart Business Solution


Many modern office environments utilize an open floor plan. Although this has resulted in easier and more frequent collaboration, it has some significant limitations. For instance, having everyone work together in the open means there may be more distractions. The hustle and bustle of an open space can make tasks more challenging, especially when co-workers need to concentrate or take important calls.


This is why many businesses have chosen to incorporate prefabricated phone booths into their layouts. These soundproof, single-person micro-offices give workers a safe haven where they can work without distraction. Adding these compartments to your workspace could be an extremely useful way to strike a flexible balance between collaboration and concentration. The following are some of the best reasons to buy an office phone booth for your company.


Create Privacy


Typically, phone calls are a primary method of business for upper management, salespeople and customer service representatives. Yet, making these calls can be difficult when surrounded by others who are trying to complete their work. A modular office booth creates a private space where people can focus without being distracted or becoming a distraction to others.


Flexible Floor Plans


Providing a safe haven for employees to work in peace is important for open offices. However, building a specific room for this can eat up valuable real estate. When considering dedicated conference rooms vs. phone booths, it is important to note that a booth can be moved easily to a new area — giving you the freedom to configure your space virtually any way you want.


More Financial Sense


Unlike build outs and cubicles, the cost of an office phone booth is reasonably affordable. Companies without the resources to make substantial renovations gain the flexibility they need, and those with large workforces can address their employees’ privacy needs without breaking the bank.


Complete Portability


Not only can these units be moved within your existing workplace without hassle, they can also be transferred to a new building just as easily. They assemble in less than 30 minutes using only an Allen wrench, making them convenient and functional even as you grow into different properties.


A Smarter Solution


One of the advantages of the Pillar Booth is that it can provide immediate benefits and long-term solutions for your business. Our products feature acoustic panels capable of blocking noise from the inside and out, while minimizing echo for the person using them. The thick acrylic doors also include magnetic seals to keep them tightly closed for maximum privacy. Motion-activated LED lighting, height-adjustable desks and active ventilation keep them comfortable for a quick call or a few hours of continuous use. Plus, they are available in a wide range of colors, so they’re sure to fit into your property’s décor.


Pillar Designs’ products are made with pride in the U.S.A. with sustainable, durable materials. If you want to learn more about our phone booths and how they can help you, get in touch with us today.