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    The Pillar Booth for Two

    A soundproof phone booth designed for productivity. The ultimate getaway from your open office. 

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    • Assembled in less than 30 minutes with only an Allen wrench

    • Ships flat in four boxes

    • 3 Year limited warranty

    • Customize booth to meet your brand Click Here 

    We're all about the details.

    See what makes the Pillar Booth different.

    Pillar of Privacy

    Block out the noise and focus in silence.

    Acoustic Panels

    Twelve acoustic panels made of two-inch thick sound absorbing recycled material keep conversations private and mute distracting office noise inside your office phone booth.

    Acoustic Fabric

    The twelve panels that make up our phone booth for open offices are wrapped in a fabric that is designed to maximize sound absorption and minimize echo.

    Magnetic Door Seal

    Thick acrylic door with a tight seal to keep your conversation in and exterior noise out.

    pillar of privacy
    pillar booth customization options

    Pillar of Flexibility

    Customize your privacy booth to fit with your office, culture, and brand.

    Custom Accent Panel Colors

    custom accent panel colors

    Inquire to learn about how to 

    customize your Pillar Booth.

    Pillar of Experience

    The best user experience is created by focusing on the details.

    LED Lighting

    Motion activated LED light helps to preserve energy and create a well-lit environment for video conferences and focused work.

    Height-Adjustable Desk

    Desk can be set at three different heights for chairs, stools, or standing.

    Active Ventilation

    Four fans circulate air in our ventilated office phone booths to keep the booth cool and fresh. The air inside a Pillar Booth is fully replaced more than once every minute.

    pillar booth airflow
    sustainable and quality products

    Pillar of Quality

    Designed to be the category-leader in sustainability, safety, and durability.


    All Pillar Booths are made with eco-friendly wood products and acoustic panels made from recycled jeans. 

    Easy Assembly

    Each privacy booth for your office only requires 1 tool, 2 people, 20 bolts and less than 30 minutes to assemble.

    High-Quality Materials

    Every booth has a steel frame, a thick acrylic door and 2.75" thick acoustic walls to create a sturdy and comfortable space to focus. 

    2.75” Acoustic Insulated Walls

    Comprised of insulated panels, acoustic fabric, steel, and wood to absorb sound and maintain privacy.  

    Magnetic Door Seal 

    Thick acrylic door with a magnetic seal to keep your conversation in and exterior noise out.

    Power & Lighting

    The LED lights provide a well-lit space for focused work , while USB ports & outlets ensure you can power multiple devices at one time.

    pillar booth specs

    Easy Assembly 

    Assemble booth in less than 30 minutes. All you need is 1 tool, 2 people, and 20 bolts.

    Premium Materials 

    Durable steel frame, eco-friendly wood products, and high-quality lighting and electrical components.

    Sustainability First

    Buy a phone booth for your office that is made in America.  Acoustic panels made from recycled materials. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Pillar Booths do I need? 

    In general, we suggest 1 booth for every 10-15 people using the space.

    However, the need for Pillar Booths change based on the layout of your office and the needs of your teams. For example, sales teams or support teams often require more booths because they need to be on the phone, giving demos, having video calls etc. and have a greater need for private space. Similarly, HR departments who spend time on phone or video interviews have a greater need than other teams.

    Our experts can help build the right solution for your office. Contact sales@pillarbooth.com to discuss.

    Is the booth ventilated? How is the air flow? 

    Yes, there are 4 fans, strategically placed to keep the air flowing while you're inside. Two fans in the base pull clean, cool air into the booth and two fans on top help to circulate it through. The air inside the booth is fully replaced more than once every minute. 

    Where can I try a Pillar Booth? 

    Pillar Booths are available for showings throughout the United States. 

    We can help coordinate a time with our dealer partners, showrooms, and customers so you can view and test the booth in real life. 

    Send us a quick email at sales@pillarbooth.com and we will get in touch on how you can try a booth.