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A privacy booth to Inspire focus + productivity

Pillar Booths are the only soundproof phone booths that balance functionality, thoughtful design & affordability while utilizing high quality materials and maintaining industry-best lead times.

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The Pillar Booth Difference

Pillar Booths are designed to be the industry-leader in sustainability, comfort, and durability.

Active Ventilation

Four fans work together to refresh the air in the booth once per minute, providing significantly better ventilation than other privacy booths.

Height Adjustable Desk

The desk can be set at three different heights, making it easy to work from a chair, a stool, or while standing.

High Quality Materials

Made in the USA with a durable steel frame, shatterproof door, and UL listed lighting and electrical components.


Sustainably designed with eco-friendly wood and acoustic panels and an occupancy sensor to conserve energy.

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The Pillar Booth

An oasis. With an adjustable sit/stand desk, The Pillar Booth provides a quiet, comfortable space for calls, meetings, and heads down focus.

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The Pillar Booth for Two

Have private conversations without needing to whisper. The Pillar Booth for Two accommodates small meetings, 1-on-1 conversations and coaching sessions. 

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The Pillar Booth ADA
The Pillar Booth ADA

The Pillar Booth ADA is an individual workspace with all of the privacy of The Pillar Booth but the dimensions to accommodate a wheelchair. Additionally, this model can become a four person meeting space by adding a table and benches or stools.

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Some of the world’s best companies work in Pillar Booths.

office soundproof phone booth

A soundproof office phone booth designed for productivity.

We're all about the details.

Why Pillar
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“You can sit or stand. I just love the design!“

Jared Houghton | AMBITION

“They are used more than our conference rooms.“

Kristina Rolleri | ALECTOR

“Great for added privacy without compromising comfort.“

Jon Levy | LEAP

Customer Installs Of Our Soundproof Booths

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