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CASE STUDY: Ambition
When Ambition, a leading sales coaching platform, was looking for flexible private space for their in-office staff to take meetings on the fly, they turned to Pillar booths.

Like many tech-based companies, Ambition supports a large hybrid staff of 100. When members of the team are on site in the Chattanooga or Nashville,TN-based offices, they need flexibility to turn their buzzing sales floor into a private office for quiet meetings at a moment’s notice.

Ambition knew it was after the adaptability and design-consciousness of privacy booths, but was wary of the limitations of a conventional booth based on past experiences.

“It is critical to have as many private rooms as possible to support an on-the-go-, calendar-to-calendar, style of work. At any given time in the office, there are people that are engineers, product designers, executives, and sales development reps working in and out of the Pillar booths at any given time.”

“It’s a sales floor, it’s buzzing. But there are private meetings that need to be held, so not having to take calls from the floor is a huge plus for me.” 

"I live in Pillar Booths!"

Motion activated lighting

“The lighting is perfect for video conferences and they shut off automatically to save energy!”

Active ventilation

“I think they are really well ventilated…they do such a great job of not overheating.”

Easy assembly

“I showed up at work one day and there were three beautiful Pillar booths put together…the setup was simple, the power was hooked up, and we were working in the booths within minutes.”

The results

Increased collaboration

“We are a hybrid workspace so we’re working with colleagues and clients virtually. Pillar Booths create space for us to brainstorm with team members that are working remotely.”

Supports productivity

“Sometimes you want the flexibility to work in the office, but also just need to get stuff done. My team can do that with the booths. The soundproofing is perfect when you just need a quiet space to work.”

Designed for style and comfort

“We have a modern, open-concept space. Pillar Booths really work well with our offices’ look and vibe, and the aesthetic is really great. You can sit or stand. That’s something we just didn’t experience in different brands. I just love the design.”

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