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What Our Customers Say

Case Studies

Immerse yourself in the world of Pillar and uncover why our customers are raving about our products.

In searching for a way to provide more quiet spaces for community members, the team at Harborfields Public Library realized phone booths could provide the library with individual spaces while also preserving the building's "quiet rooms" for multi-person meetings and projects.

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As Alector grew to a team of over 250 employees, they found their team requesting more private offices and quiet spaces for focused work. So, they found themselves in the market for phone booths, a solution that enabled them to stand up focused work spaces quickly without altering the floor plan of the office.

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When Ambition, a leading sales coaching platform, was looking for flexible private space for their in-office staff to take meetings on the fly, they turned to Pillar Booths.

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The leadership at Leap, a full-service network of branded retail stores, came to us with a problem: they needed to add more privacy to their open-concept workspaces in New York City and Chicago.

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Originally conceived to facilitate remote class participation for students, the implementation of phone booths emerged as a prominent attribute of the library's offerings at the University of
Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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