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Why Choose a Pillar Booth?

Why Pillar

Pillar Booths are the only soundproof phone booths that balance functionality, thoughtful design & affordability while utilizing sustainably sourced, high quality materials. Our industry best lead times are the fastest available—clocking in at 2 to 4 weeks compared to the 10-12 week turnaround time of our competitors.

Pillar of Privacy

Block out the noise and focus in silence.

Acoustic Panels

Removable and cleanable acoustic panels made of two-inch thick sound absorbing recycled material keep conversations private and mute distracting background noise inside your phone booth.

Acoustic Fabric

The removable acoustic panels on the interior of the phone booth are wrapped in a fabric that is designed to maximize sound absorption and minimize echo.

Magnetic Door Seal

The thick acrylic door with a tight seal keeps your conversation in and exterior noise out.

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Pillar of Experience

The best user experience is created by focusing on the details.

LED Lighting

Motion activated LED lights help to preserve energy and create a well-lit environment for video conferences and focused work.

Height Adjustable Desk

The desk can be set at three different heights, making it easy to work from a chair, a stool, or while standing.

Active Ventilation

Four fans work together to refresh the air in the booth once per minute, providing significantly better ventilation than other privacy booths.

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Learn about customizing your Pillar Booth

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Pillar of Flexibility

Customize your privacy booth to fit your office, culture, and brand.

Colors + Finishes

Add door graphics & logos + choose your acoustic panel fabric colors, external wood, and more.


Lockable casters provide an easy way to move booths around your office or facility, maximizing flexibility as your privacy needs evolve.

AV Kit

Seamlessly integrate a monitor or CPU into your booth for video conferencing.

Pillar of Quality

Designed to be the category-leader in sustainability, safety, and durability.


Sustainably designed with eco-friendly wood, removable acoustic panels and an occupancy sensor to conserve energy.

Quick Assembly

The assembly of each Pillar Booth is minimal and takes less than an hour with two people using only an allen wrench.

High Quality Materials

Made in the USA with a durable steel frame, shatterproof door, and UL listed lighting and electrical components.

Code + Compliance

Pillar Booths align with building and local regulations without expensive modifications.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Pillar Booths are built to last and offer features that allow the booth to adapt to any space without additional expense.

Made In America

Assembled in Chicago, Pillar Booth works with local suppliers for access to specialty parts, sustainable materials, and related processes.

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