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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy



This warranty policy applies to all Pillar Booths. We hold ourselves, our design team, and our manufacturing team to a very high standard, and we sell products that we are proud to stand behind (figuratively) and stand in (literally). That is why every product purchased from Pillar Designs, LLC (“Pillar”) or from one of Pillar’s certified dealers is covered by a limited warranty. The limited warranty is simple. No loopholes, no confusing legalese, just the following two parts:



Damage During Shipping: 

Our packaging is specifically designed to maximize the chances that your product will make it to your door in pristine shape. But ship happens (pun intended) and sometimes things get damaged in the mail regardless of how well they are packed. If your product is damaged upon arrival, let us know within seven (7) days of delivery by sending an email to Please include a description and photos of the damage. We’ll send a replacement part, a new product, and/or do what we need to do to make it right. Failure to contact us within the seven (7) day period of time constitutes acceptance of the product.



The limited warranty covers defects in parts, materials, or the product as a whole that: (1) are due to manufacturing, materials, or craftsmanship; and, (2) reported within three (3) years of the date of receipt. The limited warranty does NOT cover wear and tear, water damage, stains, damage from being left outdoors, damage from incorrect assembly, or general misuse, amongst other things. (E.g. If you spill coffee on the carpet and it stains, if the door breaks because you were hanging on it and swinging back and forth, or if the wood starts to warp because you keep your product in the bathroom next to the shower, those things would not be covered by the limited warranty.) If you feel that your Pillar product has a defect/issue that would be covered by the limited warranty, and you purchased it less than three (3) years ago, please contact us by sending an email to We reserve the right to inspect your product and determine if the damage/issue falls under the limited warranty, and if it does we’ll send a replacement part, a new product, and/or do what we need to do to make it right. 


Pillar products purchased second hand are not covered by the limited warranty.