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Features that set us apart

LED Lighting

Motion activated LED lights help to conserve energy and create a well-lit environment for video conferencing and focused work.

Height Adjustable Desk

The desk can be set at three different heights, making it easy to work from a chair, a stool, or while standing.

Active Ventilation

Four fans work together to refresh the air in the booth once per minute, providing significantly better ventilation than other privacy booths.

Customize your Pillar Booth

Frequently asked questions

Pillar Booth orders typically ship in 2-3 weeks.

Yes, you can customize the exterior finish, interior panel colors, door handle insert color, and even add a custom door design and branding. There are hundreds of color combinations to fit your brand and design goals. Some customizations will take longer than others, so please contact us at to learn more about our customization options.  

Yes, there are 4 fans, strategically placed to keep the air flowing while you're inside; two fans in the base pull clean, cool air into the booth and two fans on top help to circulate it through. 

You can actually feel the air flowing through The Pillar Booth.

Yes, we recommend putting The Pillar Booth on furniture glides to make sure you don't scratch or damage the floor. Additionally, you can add lockable casters if you need to frequently move booths around your facility.

The booths can also easily be taken apart, moved to a new location, and put back together. 

Assemble your booth in 30 minutes

Step into a Pillar Booth to do quiet, heads down work, take important or private phone calls, and press pause on the distractions of the modern day workplace.



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Step Into a Pillar Booth and Pause Distractions

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