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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I customize the Pillar Booth in any way?

    Yes, you can customize the exterior finish and interior panel colors. There are hundreds of color combinations to fit your brand and design goals. Some customizations will take longer than others, so please contact us at sales@pillarbooth.com to learn more about our customization options.  

    How many Pillar Booths do I need?

    In general, we suggest 1 booth for every 10-15 people using the space. However, the need for Pillar Booths change based on the layout of your office and the needs of your teams. For example, sales teams or support teams often require more booths because they need to be on the phone, giving demos, having video calls etc. and have a greater need for private space. Similarly, HR departments who spend time on phone or video interviews have a greater need than other teams. 

    Our experts can help build the right solution for your office. Contact sales@pillarbooth.com to discuss.

    Where can I try a Pillar Booth?

    Pillar Booths are available for showings throughout the United States. 

    We can help coordinate a time with our dealer partners, showrooms, and customers so you can view and test the booth in real life. 

    Send us a quick email at sales@pillarbooth.com and we will get in touch on how you can try a booth.

    How soundproof is the Pillar Booth?

    Pillar Booth has been designed with acoustic engineers to maximize your privacy and create an extremely quiet environment. If you are inside a Pillar Booth, your conversations are almost entirely muted for people on the outside. Additionally, external sound is also greatly reduced, maintaining some white noise for the optimal work environment. 

    Check out this article for why a totally soundproof chamber will make you go crazy. 

    Is the Pillar Booth ventilated? How is the air flow?

    Yes, there are 4 fans, strategically placed to keep the air flowing while you're inside; two fans in the base pull clean, cool air into the booth and two fans on top help to circulate it through. 

    You can actually feel the air flowing through the Pillar Booth.

    Does the Pillar Booth come with a chair?

    No, our booths do not come with a chair or stool, so feel free to use whatever kind of seating you prefer. The desk can be adjusted for either desk height or standing/stool height. If you need additional seating, we can recommend preferred partners based on your needs. 

    Email sales@pillarbooth.com for more information. 

    Are Pillar Booths portable? 

    Yes, we recommend putting them on furniture sliders to make sure you don't scratch or damage the floor. Additionally, they can very easily be taken apart, moved to a new location, and put back together. 

    What do I do if I need a repair on my Pillar Booth? 

    If your product is damaged upon arrival, let us know within seven (7) days of delivery by sending an email to support@pillarbooth.com. Please include a description and photos of the damage. We'll send a replacement part, a new product, and/or do what we need to do to make it right. For damages after 7 days, please email us at support@pillarbooth.com and we will help figure out a solution. 

    What makes Pillar Booths different? 

    Pillar Booth is redefining what customer focus means in the furniture industry. It is the only phone booth that combines beautiful, practical design and great quality at an affordable price, giving customers what they want and need.

    A few of the key product differentiators are:
         - Customization of interior colors and exterior finish 
         - Ability to remove, change, and clean inside panels 
         - Double the ventilation of any other booth in the market 
         - Height adjustable desk to sit, lean, or stand
         - Easy assembly, put together in less than 30 mins 

    Check out our product page for all of the details and features of our products.

    Where should I place my Pillar Booth? 

    We suggest placing the booths on a flat surface and we recommend locating the booths in centrally located common areas.

    Do you have any financing options for payment? 

    Email us at sales@pillarbooth.com to learn more about financing options. 

    Does the Pillar Booth come with lighting? 

    Yes, it comes with a motion activated LED light. The energy efficient light creates a well-lit environment for video conferences and focused work.

    Where are Pillar Booths made? 

    Chicago, IL

    How good is the air quality inside the Pillar Booth?

    Pillar Booths are constructed using only safe materials that are fully compliant with all EPA and CARB standards. We strive to use only environmentally friendly products and continue to improve and test our products to ensure their safety.

    How do I clean my Pillar Booth? 

    Cleaning the door:

    To clean acrylic and plexiglass that has slight blemishes or dirt, start off by clearing away any debris. Then, use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. After wetting the cloth, be sure to lightly blot the surface, rather than applying pressure as you wipe. Too much pressure can actually result in more scratches. After you have wiped the entire piece of acrylic, use the dry side of the cloth to dry or buff the area. Buffing or polishing the acrylic surface reduces future stains. If there are any remaining streaks, rewet the cloth and dry again.

    Cleaning the fabric panel:

    Spot clean with a wet rag, if the panel is very dirty, we sell replacement panels, just reach out to sales@pillarbooth.com


    Vacuum and spot clean like you would any kind of carpet. 

    Pillar Booths are constructed using only safe materials that are fully compliant with all EPA and CARB standards. We strive to use only environmentally friendly products and continue to improve and test our products to ensure their safety.


    How is the Pillar Booth assembled?

    Assembly takes about 30 mins with two people.

    Do I need any tools for the assembly?

     You just need two people and an allen wrench, which is provided.


    How does the Pillar Booth connect to a power source?

    The booth has a standard 3-prong, 120 volt plug that connects to a standard outlet.

    What kind of power outlets come in the Pillar Booth?

    2 standard outlets and 2 USB ports provide the ability to charge up to four devices at the same time.

    What are the dimensions of a Pillar Booth?

    Exterior Dimensions 

         42” w x 42.5” d x 89” h (without handle) 

         42” w x 44.5” d x 89” h (with handle)

         79" Depth (with door open) 

    Interior Dimensions 

         36.5” w x 39.5” d x 81.5” h 


         500 lb / 190.5kg 

    Does the Pillar Booth have an ethernet port?

    Yes, every Pillar Booth comes standard with an ethernet port.

    What are the power requirements ?

    PIllar Booth comes standard with a 15amp plug head. (A typical electrical circuit is 15amps.) 

    The Pillar Booth draws more or less a constant 1.67amp (this is the full draw with the light, and fans running)

    Here are some rough estimates of added draw with cell phones/iPads and computers: 

    *Cell phone or iPad into USB/Outlet: 2amp per port (2 ports total)Laptop into outlet: 3amp (2 outlets total) *Typical consumption could be a cell phone and a laptop, which would be a total of 6.67amp per booth. 


    What is the shipping lead time?


    How do Pillar Booths ship?

    We ship Pillar Booths with a professional third party freight service. Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your delivery. 

    How many boxes does the Pillar Booth ship in?

    Each Pillar Booth ships flat in four boxes.

    I placed my order, what happens next?

    Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your delivery with our professional third party shipping company.

    Please reach out to support@pillarbooth.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or the delivery. 

    Does Pillar Booth charge for shipping?

    Yes, shipping charges are based on the delivery location. 


    Is there a warranty on the Pillar Booth? 

    Yes, Pillar Booths have a limited warranty covering defects in parts, materials, or the product as a whole due to manufacturing, materials, or craftsmanship. Wear and tear, water damage, stains, damage from being left outdoors, damage from incorrect assembly, or general misuse, amongst other things, are not covered. 

    Read more about the Pillar Booth Warranty.

    What is the Pillar return policy?  

    You can return your booth, no questions asked, up to 30 days after delivery. The return shipping will be deducted from your refund. For a full refund, the booth must be in its original condition with the full packaging intact. 

    If the product returned is no longer in new condition, the customer will be subject to a minimum 20% refurbishing charge that will be deducted from your refund. If the product is returned without the packaging you will be subject to a restocking fee. Any White Glove delivery and installation fees are non-refundable. All refunds for eligible returns will be processed within 10 business days of receipt. 

    If you would like to return your booth or have any further questions, please email support@pillarbooth.com.