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CASE STUDY: Leap Retail
The leadership at Leap, a full-service network of branded retail stores, came to us with a problem: they needed to add more privacy to their open-concept workspaces in New York City and Chicago. 

With a hybrid workforce of 60+ employees, 20-40 of whom might be in the office at any given time, Leap’s staff needed more quiet space to take calls and virtual meetings.

Importantly, the company needed to add privacy without adding the red tape and/or pre-planning that comes with conference room reservations.

Prior to purchasing Pillar, Leap previously used another privacy booth brand with less-than-stellar results. In addition to experiencing poor lighting, the booths became “sweatboxes”. Poor airflow was a problem, so employees had to keep doors open, which completely defeated the purpose of a privacy booth. “They were falling apart. You’d be annoyed if you had to use it. And they were kind of ugly.”

Enter: Pillar Booth.

“Seamless…Way easier than setting up desks or benches. Way easier than setting up a TV and videos that never work. It’s nice to have something dependable in the offices that work as intended and is used regularly."

“You know someone is in there, but not hearing them has been really nice!”

"Pillar booths are great for added privacy without compromising comfort.”

Active Ventilation

“Pillar Booths are really comfortable. They’re conducive to work.”


“The fact they are soundproofed but transparent, you know someone is in there but you’re not hearing their conversation has been really nice.”

Height Adjustable Desk

“We have stools in some of the booths but sometimes people prefer to just stand. It’s nice to have that kind of flexibility across our booths.”

phone booth office pods

The results

Increased collaboration

“Our Pillar Booths are great for interviews. We’re growing so we’re interviewing a lot of new people and need more quiet space for that. They’re also great for 1:1 time with a manager and performance coaching—they offer privacy when you don’t want to collaborate out in the open.”

Supports productivity

“People flow in and out, and there’s always a little bit of a ‘You leaving soon?’ type thing through the glass, and people will be like, ‘Yeah, yeah. Give me one minute.”

Designed for style and comfort

“The customizable colors really allowed the Pillar Booths to fit into our brand aesthetic and look. They sit centrally in our office and fit in with our design.”

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