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The Pillar Booth ADA Specifications

The Pillar Booth ADA Specifications

2 outlets   |   2 USB ports
Power Cord
120v   |   3 prong plug   |   5.5 ft. length   |   UL listed
Four 2.5" diameter puck lights   |   468 Lumens lasting 50,000 hours
Desk Work Area
39 5/8” W x 17” D x 29-41” H
Product Weight
850 lbs
72 ft3/min   |   2 fans
Interior Dimensions
84.7” W x 42.1” D x 85” H
Exterior Dimensions

89.9” W x 48.2” D x 88.6” H

50” D (with handle)

86.6” D (with door open)


ADA Code Compliance

Section 302

Floor or Ground Surfaces


The Pillar Booth ADA ensures ease of access by eliminating a floor or threshold, facilitating seamless entry and exit.


Section 304.3.2

T-Shaped Turning Space


The Pillar Booth ADA incorporates a T-Shaped Turning Space featuring a 36” wide base extending through the doorway. The doorway has a 36” wide clearance, with the door swung past 90 degrees. Per Section 304.4, the door is permitted to swing into the turning space. Moreover, the horizontal positioning of the 31” wide door handle across the doorway's width enables convenient reach for individuals in wheelchairs from within the booth.

Section 306

Knee and Toe Clearance


Meeting the mandated 17” deep knee and toe clearance under the desk, The Pillar Booth ADA ensures ample space for comfortable maneuvering.

Section 308

Reach Ranges


Positioned at a height of 47.5” above the floor, the outlet in the Pillar Booth ADA enables wheelchair users to access it comfortably, complying with the maximum height requirement of 48”.  

Section 404.2.3

Clear Width of Manual Door


The Pillar Booth ADA door provides a clear opening dimension of 35”, exceeding the ADA code requirement of 32”, at 90 degrees, ensuring smooth ingress and egress. 

Section 404.2.4

Maneuvering Clearances


Featuring a swing door with latch and no closer, the Pillar Booth ADA offers a spacious interior clearance of 42.1” deep and a 24.3” wide clearance to the right of the door latch, ensuring unhindered movement within the booth.

Section 404.2.7

Door and Gate Hardware


With the door handle and lock positioned at a height of 36.3” above the floor, The Pillar Booth ADA complies with ADA code requirements for hardware placement, facilitating easy operation for individuals of varying abilities.

Section 404.2.10

Door and Gate Surfaces


In adherence to ADA standards, The Pillar Booth ADA incorporates a 10.6” high kick plate, ensuring a smooth surface on the push side up to 10” above the floor, enhancing accessibility.

Section 902

Dining Surfaces and Work Surfaces


The Pillar Booth ADA maintains a desk surface height of 33.3” above the floor, providing a work surface within the ADA code required range of a 28” minimum to 48” maximum height. 


For more information on ADA Code Compliance, DOWNLOAD THE ADA CODE COMPLIANCE GUIDE