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    Pillar Booth in the Post-COVID Workplace

    At some point people are going to stop working from home and go back to their offices. Nobody knows exactly when it’s going to happen or what it’s going to look like, but two things are clear. First, employers are concerned about how they are going to keep their staff safe when they resume working from the company’s office. Second, employees have the same concern, and they want to know what will be done to protect their wellbeing. 

    The Pillar team has been sheltering in place, working remotely from our homes in Chicago, and focusing on how to help. We decided that our response needed to be more than a set of guidelines; it needed to be physical changes to the Pillar Booth. So we consulted with industry experts and based on what we’ve learned we made some design tweaks in order to set the industry standard when it comes to safety and sanitization. 

    Pillar Booths have a multitude of features designed to increase cleanliness and safety. The panels can be removed and cleaned, there is an option for bleach-cleanable fabric and an antimicrobial exterior, the flooring is durable and easy to disinfect, and there is a high rate of air circulation. With Pillar Booth, you can return to the office with confidence.