Let’s face it: in the past couple of years, our ideas of a comfortable, functional working area have changed. 

Many offices have gone through a huge amount of change in their layouts and workflow. 

From the standard open office set-ups, to the era of work-from-home private offices, to flexible (“flex”) office schedules that allow workers to do a little bit of both, employees have been given ample opportunity to discover how they work best. 

To allow your workers to work how they like best, here’s everything you need to know about phone booths and meeting pods — plus the best one for your flex office! 

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Why you should get a phone booth

The Best Work Booth For Any Flex Office

What makes The Pillar Booth a superior choice?

Other tips for optimizing your flex office


Why you should get a phone booth/meeting pod for your flex office

Allows for quiet, focused time

Many employees who have been working from home have probably become used to working in a quiet and focused environment, without interruptions and noise from their coworkers. Installing a phone booth allows your workers to get the best of both worlds: they can come into the office and meet face-to-face with their peers, but escape to a quiet, open phone pod when they need time to simply focus on the task at hand without any interruptions. This makes for an ideal compromise for all of your employees, even those who preferred the quiet focus of their home office! 

Privacy for confidential or sensitive work

Phone booths are also superior for offices that work with sensitive, confidential information. These quiet, insulated boxes allow employees to have those private conversations without anyone else listening in, making for a more secure work environment. 

Sound control for active offices 

If your office has poor acoustics and phone calls and video conferences are interrupting the workflow for others who are trying to work quietly, a phone booth is a perfect compromise. Private, soundproofed phone booths give your employees a dedicated space for conversation and collaborative work, which means that they won’t have to interrupt their coworkers every time they hop on a call. 

More flexible and space-saving than permanent set-ups

Rather than installing permanent offices, which can take up a huge amount of space and disrupt the flow of an open office set-up. They’re also ideal for people who work well in a variety of different environments: for example, some of your workers might work really well in collaborative open-office spaces to generate ideas and get creative, but then need a couple of hours to focus and actually make those ideas come to life, they can easily move back and forth to their heart’s content until they get the job done. 

Still open enough to feel like part of the team

Finally, the biggest benefit of using a phone booth in your flex office is that your employees can all still be present in real life without having to sacrifice a quiet work environment! Many phone booths are closed off but still have large windows, which means that your workers are still able to participate in the camaraderie and team spirit of the office culture but in a quieter area that is ideal for their work.

The Best Work Booth For Any Flex Office: Pillar Booth

If you’re looking for the best phone booth and meeting pod for a flex office, The Pillar Booth has you covered. 

What makes The Pillar Booth a superior choice? 

Insulated and sound-proofed

The Pillar Booth is made with twelve two-inch-thick panels which effectively block out all noise from the surrounding office while also protecting your privacy. The door is also sealed magnetically to block out the noise even more! 


    Even though this booth is designed for quiet and privacy, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort to achieve it. Each Pillar Booth has four fans that are strategically placed throughout the pod to keep air flowing. In fact, all of the air in a Pillar Booth is fully replaced more than once every minute, making for a breathable and comfortable space that’s perfect for getting your work done in peace. 

      Sustainable and high-quality materials

      Pillar Booths are made in the USA with eco-friendly wood products and recycled sound-absorbing materials so that you know you’re buying a quality, sustainable product. 


        Have a certain color or design in mind to fit in with the rest of your office aesthetic? Pillar Booths can be customized to match! 

          Adjustable and ergonomic

          Not only does a Pillar Booth allow for optimum flexibility during your workflow, but they’re also personally adjustable for your own comfort! Each Pillar Booth is made with a height-adjustable desk so that you can sit, stand, or use a high stool --- whatever makes you the most comfortable while you’re working. This means that all of your employees can take advantage of this quiet getaway whenever they need to without sacrificing their ideal comfort level. 

            Quick and easy set-up

            All you’ll need is 30 minutes, one tool, 2 people, and 20 bolts to put together your private phone booth. 

              Altogether, The Pillar Booth is a comfortable, work-oriented oasis that offers your employees the chance to get away from the crowd and focus on the task at hand. In other words, you get the best of both worlds in your flex office and can improve employee productivity and comfort. 

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              The best phone booths and meeting pods for your office.

              Other tips for optimizing your flex office

              Create designated meeting spaces as well. 

              In addition to giving your employees space for private work, you may also benefit from setting up a separate, larger office space or lounge area specifically for collaborative work. That way, bigger and louder conversations can be conducted without interrupting others who prefer to remain in the open office. 

              Set up the office for productivity. 

              Make sure that all work areas are well-lit and at a comfortable temperature (usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but check in with your workers to see what they feel the most comfortable in). It’s also a good idea to minimize clutter and excess noise to ensure that your entire office is geared toward productivity and success. 


              A flex office is a great compromise for companies that want to allow workers to work both from home and physically in the office, but it’s important to give your employees quiet spaces for focused work when need be. Phone booths are an excellent option for saving space while giving your workers several options for finding the work environment they thrive best in. 

              Photo by Felicity Tai : https://www.pexels.com/photo/men-sitting-on-telephone-booths-7964493/