Your sales team is one of the most important driving forces behind your company. Every day, they’re working with current and prospective clients, highlighting all of the wonderful reasons that your company is the best in the business. 

So if you want your company to run well, your sales team needs to be properly equipped to handle everything their day throws at them. One way to make their workflow that much more efficient is to install a couple of phone booths in your office! Here are all of the ways that your sales team (not to mention the rest of your company) will thrive when you install a phone booth like Pillar Booth in your office space. 

Your open office is too open for one-on-one conversations. 

    One of the tenants of making sales is that you want your clients to feel like they’re the only person in the room and the only ones who have your attention. But if your sales team is working in a large open office with a ton of distractions, that can be really hard to do! Installing a soundproof phone booth for those calls minimizes the distractions — both sound and visual — so that your salespeople can give all of their dedicated attention to their clients. 

    Phone booths allow for way more privacy and confidentiality. 

      In a similar vein, phone booths are also an excellent way to maintain privacy and confidentiality no matter how open and busy the rest of your office is. Blocked-off, soundproof phone booths let your sales team conduct calls and work involving sensitive information without the fear of someone else in the building listening in. 

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      Phone booths offer a quiet area for focused work.

        Even though a big part of conducting a sale comes down to those human interactions, there are also plenty of times during the day that your sales team is probably going to appreciate having a dedicated space to focus and cross all of those other duties off of their to-do list. Whether they’re having a hard time nailing down a pitch for a prospective client, working on crunching numbers, or crafting a proposal that benefits both the client and your company, phone booths let them work at their own pace without the distractions that can otherwise occur in their regular office environment. 

        You don’t need to install permanent offices. 

          While the idea of giving everyone in the workplace their own permanent office might sound appealing, it isn’t always ideal (or even possible). Whether you’re working with a smaller office space or an area that makes more sense to be open rather than divided into closed-up offices, phone booths are a more flexible option that allows you to make the most of the space you have. This is another added perk of Pillar Booth: it’s extremely easy to install and only takes about half an hour! 

          Phone booths are comfortable and adjustable.

          Sometimes, the regular office environment just isn’t that comfortable, which can definitely have an impact on your workers. Pillar Booth comes with an adjustable desk, which means that everyone in your office can use it to their advantage whether they prefer sitting, standing, or using a tall stool in order to do their business. It’s also well-ventilated and circulates air frequently, which means that you don’t have to worry about stuffiness in exchange for privacy. 

          It’s a great in-between for people on your team who prefer working from home. 

            The recent WFH era has made many office workers realize that they prefer a quiet, private area to get work done in, rather than an open office. Phone booths are the best of both worlds: they allow people who enjoy working from home to get that same quiet, dedicated area to themselves, but you can still keep your productive open-concept office for others who enjoy collaborating and chatting with their coworkers. 

            Soundproofing is beneficial for the entire team. 

              Yes, team work booths give your sales team a quiet and private place to conduct conversations without fear of being overheard. But the soundproofing works both ways: it also allows everyone else in the office to concentrate without being distracted by the loudest and most enthusiastic seller on the team!

              Let’s face it: they look really impressive.

                If your clients are coming in for office visits, they’ll be impressed by the high-tech functionality that phone booths have to offer. They also get peace of mind that their conversations are confidential, which can help build that trust and deepen the business relationship. 

                It allows everyone on the team to work in the best environment for them. 

                  If you have a silent killer on your team who does their best work when they get a chance to be alone and focused, they’ll love having the freedom to close in a quiet, closed-off environment on their own terms. At the same time, it also means that those who love the more collaborative, open-office environment can thrive without fear of interrupting their coworkers! 

                  It’s just downright more professional for sales calls. 

                    When it comes down to making a big sale, all of those little things matter. Your prospective clients want to feel heard and they want their needs to be met. Your sales team wants to come off as professional and focused. Having a designated area for making those calls means that employees and clients alike are able to have a productive and professional conversation that ultimately ends in happiness on all sides. 


                    Phone booths are simple to set up and don’t take up a ton of space, but they can make a huge difference in the productivity and morale of every worker in the team. By giving them a dedicated Pillar Booth to conduct their sales calls in, both your workers and your current and prospective employees can enjoy privacy, quiet, and security. Installing a Pillar Booth (or several) can give your sales team a chance to really shine!

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