For decades, office spaces around the world looked mostly the same, with clusters of cubicles stretching as far as the eye could see. This might have made sense from an efficiency perspective, but such arrangements came with drawbacks.

Some employees felt isolated from their coworkers, the rigid layout meant less flexibility, and morale often suffered. It’s no wonder so many companies have decided to embrace the open concept workspace in recent years.

By eliminating many of the walls separating team members, they have been able to change their cultures and reap many benefits. If your company is considering an open plan office, the advantages may be worth the effort.

Enhanced Collaboration

It’s hard for a team to get into a groove when they spend most of their time sequestered in individual boxes. An open desk concept, on the other hand, means employees can work face-to-face and share ideas whenever they come to mind. Grouping colleagues in the same large space means there are no barriers to prevent them from collaborating.

Greater Flexibility

One of the chief benefits of an open space working environment is being able to reconfigure it on the fly for many purposes. Desks and tables can be rearranged to form conference spaces and then returned to their original spots.

Without cubicle walls, common areas can be more spacious. Adding phone booth cubicles or micro-offices gives employees privacy when they need it. Numerous possibilities are available with an open office layout.

Improved Morale

Many people feel closed in and claustrophobic when working in a traditional office environment. What’s more, the virtually endless repetition of beige or gray cubicles can leave workers uninspired or unmotivated.

The benefits of an open office layout may see productivity boosted because the atmosphere is more comfortable. You will have more options for break rooms or recreation areas. The whole space can be filled with natural light rather than just the offices that have windows. All of these factors have the potential to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Fewer Costs

Equipping a commercial space to fit a company’s needs can be expensive, especially if you opt for a traditional office configuration. Constructing walls to create private offices and installing cubicles costs money that could be better spent serving customers.

An open arrangement means all you need to do is find enough spots at the tables for employees to sit. If you’re able to change the space whenever necessary, you won’t have to worry about building dedicated meeting rooms.

Concerned about the potential distraction of phone calls? Compared to installing more dividers, phone booths provide a greater measure of privacy at a more cost-effective price point.

The open concept office has become a popular choice for many reasons. Removing the barriers between staff members could be the spark you need to enhance operations and become a better provider for customers. All it takes is the will to make a change and some sound planning.


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