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    How To Utilize A Small Office Space | Pillar Booth

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    How To Utilize A Small Office Space

    Every business wants to maximize its available resources. However, there are some cases where pushing them to their limits can do more harm than good. This is especially true when it comes to real estate. If you do not have much room in your office, instinct may say to cram as much as possible into every available square foot. That can lead to cramped conditions and low morale even if everyone on the team has a desk. For many years the limitations of business technology restricted choices for small office interior design, but today more possibilities exist than you might realize. Keep reading for some modern small office design ideas, and enjoy optimizing your space.

    Be Flexible

    In a large office, you have the luxury of being able to designate certain areas for specific purposes and leave it at that. With a smaller footprint, however, you may need to be more flexible. One of the most effective office design ideas for small office spaces is to equip them for multiple types of use. For example, simply rearrange desks to make a conference space on those rare occasions when the entire team needs to get together. When the meeting is over, just put everything back where it was.

    Install Phone Booths

    A major complaint employees have about smaller spaces is being distracted by coworkers’ phone calls. Salespeople and customer service representatives can’t avoid using the phone, so consider providing them with a quiet spot in which to make calls. One of the newest small office design ideas is an update of the old-fashioned phone booth concept. These micro-offices give workers enclosed spaces where they can talk freely without worrying about bothering their colleagues. Alternatively, employees can use these booths as a respite from a noisy office without the need for more walls.

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    Go Elastic

    Thanks to mobile technology and an unprecedented level of connectivity, it has never been easier for workers to be productive no matter where they are. That means your workspace does not need to be limited to the boundaries of an office building. The elastic office concept gives employees the freedom to work from their homes or the coffee shop downstairs. Scheduling apps enable them to reserve desk space in the office if they need to be there in person. With a little coordination and an emphasis on data security, it is possible to have a workforce that exceeds your available square footage without sacrificing productivity.

    Succeeding in the business world is all about making the most of what you have. Effectively utilizing workspace resources can be a real challenge when you don’t have as much room as you desire — especially with today’s concerns about social distancing. With proper planning and a few tricks, however, you can create a workplace where everyone is comfortable enough to focus on their jobs and deliver the best results for the company.


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