Going green isn’t just a trend; it’s the act of pursuing practices and knowledge that can lead to more ecologically responsible decisions. Most offices have the opportunity to go green by constructing more environmentally friendly layouts and purchasing sustainable products. 

Creating an environmentally friendly office can involve anything from starting a recycling program to reducing energy consumption to making purchases that are better for the environment. These sustainable practices typically save energy and could save your organization money as well.

Promoting sustainability in the workplace doesn’t have be difficult. The following are several simple green initiatives you can pursue to make your office eco-friendlier. They may even increase the functionality and productivity of your office.

Going Green in the Office

Your office may already observe some green practices, such as recycling or using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. However, there are numerous other ways to encourage sustainability initiatives in the workplace.

Adjust Your Lighting

At home, you probably turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. However, lights often remain on in the office, even when they are not in use. This is most common in washrooms and staff leisure areas. Remind your team to turn off lights when leaving a space and never keep the lights on overnight. Motion sensor systems can be an excellent solution to energy conservation issues throughout the office.

Choose Light Colors

Implementing green initiatives in the workplace can be as simple as choosing the right wall colors, window coverings and more. Lighter paint colors with a gloss finish tend to reflect more daylight, reducing the need for additional lighting.

Focus on Renewable Energy

Powering an office by wind or solar energy may have seemed far-fetched years ago, but these sources of power are now easier to access than ever. Experts agree that organizations of any size can now affordably make the switch to green power sources. 

Choose Environmentally Friendly Supplies

Environmental experts suggest opting for sustainable office supplies whenever possible. Switching entirely to sustainable supplies could be difficult to squeeze into the budget, but certain alternatives can make a larger impact than others. For instance, transitioning to greener technology could help companies avoid polluting hazardous waste, such as batteries and other electronics. Make sustainable changes in the areas that matter most. 

Opt for Thoughtfully Designed Products

Certain suppliers of office products keep office sustainability at the forefront of design. Pillar Designs, the company behind the space-saving Pillar Phone Booths, constructs all of our booths with eco-friendly wood materials and acoustic panels made from recycled jeans.

Our soundproof booths allow you to create private areas in an open office without having to make costly additions. The LED lighting inside the booth is motion-activated, providing a well-lit environment when needed and preventing wasted energy when not in use. Choosing products made by companies that value sustainability is one of the easiest ways to start going green in the office.

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It is never too late to make more sustainable choices about the layout of your office. Companies have countless opportunities to go green. Choosing even a few of these initiatives could make a considerable difference on your environmental footprint over time. 





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