Did you know that office design and productivity go hand in hand? Research suggests that the right working environment can generate feelings of comfort and calm, and even boost employee performance and well-being. 

However, creating the ideal layout for your office requires more than just rearranging a few desks. Everything from temperature to noise levels, interior layout to office lighting can have an impact on staff members’ moods, attitudes and output.

Read on to learn how to create a productive workspace at your organization.

Implement Interdepartmental Grouping

Interdepartmental communication is critical for business success and growth. In order for employees to be more productive, they need to be able to collaborate easily. One way this can be achieved is through interdepartmental grouping.

For example, a company’s research department should be on the same page as the marketing group. By positioning these departments next to each other, workers could communicate more efficiently.

This may also reduce the number of emails that are sent, since team members will be in close proximity to each other.

Provide Optimal Lighting

Proper office lighting is critical in order to soften the harsh glare of computer screens. Natural sunlight is best for health, workplace design and productivity. In fact, a recent study found that staff members who work in areas with windows receive 173% more exposure to natural light. They also enjoy an extra 46 minutes of sleep per night.

Exposure to natural light can help regulate hormones and keep the circadian rhythm in check. Poor illumination, on the other hand, could cause headaches, eye strain and increased stress levels, so be sure to incorporate sufficient natural lighting into your office layout.

Establish a Communal Space

It’s essential for companies to support a diverse range of working styles. There is no one-size-fits-all floor plan, which is why a communal area is key. This type of efficient workspace allows employees to socialize and work as a team. It also offers staff members an escape from their everyday environment.

For those who enjoy working in private, a change of scenery is sure to be appreciated. Employees no longer have to feel trapped or limited by the location of their desks. A communal room embraces a flexible workspace and inspires both teams and individuals to do their best work.

Reduce the Noise Level

Reduce noise level

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The noise level at work can vary greatly depending on the size of your team and the design of the office. Whether sounds are coming from chatty co-workers, the vending machines or a colleague’s phone conversation, it could affect your employees’ ability to stay focused.

While sound-canceling headphones may help boost concentration, they only go so far. A soundproof phone booth, on the other hand, provides workers with a breakout space to block the noise so they can concentrate in silence.

At Pillar Designs, we create portable, convenient phone booths made with sustainable materials. These units are an ideal addition to a productive office design, where team members can escape the chaotic workday and take calls or focus on tasks in private.

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There’s no question that your corporate environment plays a crucial role in employee performance. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a dynamic, comfortable workspace for your staff.







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