Top business leaders are continually searching for ways to improve the office environment, targeting everything from work-life balance to team building. Recently, organizations are seeking to create physical and psychological comfort through interior design and other environmental upgrades.

Many companies that focus on improving the office environment report happier team members, greater creativity and higher productivity. In fact, those businesses outperform the competition by 20%, offering plenty of incentive to make employee satisfaction a priority.

Do you need ideas to improve the office environment in your organization? Here are five things to improve an office environment that can help boost positivity and productivity in your workplace.

Keep Your Space Clean and Organized

A clean and organized workspace can help employees feel safe, healthy and efficient. Clutter and mess may engender feelings of uneasiness and anxiety in some workers, which can inhibit their concentration and productivity. In addition to your regular cleaning regimen, make an effort to clear any unexpected messes, especially if you have a kitchen or cafeteria.

Additionally, if a piece of equipment breaks, remove it from the area as quickly as possible before it becomes an eyesore — or worse, a safety hazard.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment

Ergonomic desk setup

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Ergonomic furniture and equipment can offer more safety and comfort for your employees. For example, today's ergonomic chairs could help staff members improve their posture, thanks to high-quality materials and the ability to adjust the height to fit their needs.

Plus, more businesses are adopting standing or height-adjustable desks, which provide personnel the chance to move while working, increasing circulation and enhancing spinal health.

Allow Employees to Personalize Their Workspace

If employees could take momentary mental breaks from work within their cubicle or office space, you might see an increase in productivity. Encourage your staff to add dashes of personality to their area, including plants, flowerpots, Japanese gardens, figurines or family photos.

Ask personnel for their input regarding the furniture, such as the style and color of the desk chairs. If they have stability balls or ergonomic chairs at home, encourage them to bring them into the office — anything to make your team feel more comfortable.

Provide a Quiet Space for Conference Calls and Special Projects

Many modern offices feature an open design plan, which doesn't always foster privacy and quiet. There may be times when employees need to engage in a sales call with a significant client, participate in a conference call, or hunker down to work on a high-stakes project with a looming deadline.

At those times, you want to provide a designated area where the employee can immerse him or herself in the task without interruptions or distractions. Soundproof booths offer the perfect solution for private, single-person conference rooms. 

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Schedule Time for Relaxation and Fun

Sometimes employees need to step away from their workspace and decompress. Consider creating a recreational area that might include a ping pong or foosball table. If you do not have the extra space or budget for these additions, encourage employees to take walking breaks that promote relaxation.

Easier Than You Might Imagine

The information above offers practical suggestions for how to improve the office environment at your organization. Developing a positive and upbeat atmosphere could be a beneficial way to boost employee morale and productivity.

Look for other methods to offer your team members more privacy, safety and joy in the workplace — such as with a phone booth from Pillar Designs. These portable, convenient compartments can contribute to a more comfortable, relaxing work environment for you and your staff. 


Image credit: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash